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Keely Garfield’s Twin Pines

Duo Multicultural Arts Center New York City Keely Garfield chose the right venue for her performance of Twin Pines. The Duo Multicultural Arts Center in New York’s East Village is an old five-story building with performance spaces on different floors … Continue reading

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Interview: Choreographer Keely Garfield

Interview with Keely Garfield

I’ve long been a fan of Keely Garfield’s work. Her nutty sense of humor, her surreal vignettes, the honest emotions that well up in her work, it all combines to make for a rich, enigmatic, and yet ultimately satisfying experience. I was very pleased to catch up with this elusive choreographer in Brooklyn, New York, and find out something about the artist behind these amazing works.

An abbreviated version of this interview appeared in Dance Europe magazine. I’m delighted to share with you here a longer, more rambling version of our chat.

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Groundworks dances Shimotakahara, Garfield, and Niehoff

Artistic Director David Shimotakahara presented his Circadian, set to swelling, repeating chords in Gustavo Aguilar’s hypnotic music. Dancers Amy Miller and Damien Highfield seemed to move with the rhythms associated with the earth’s rotation, for which the piece is named. … Continue reading

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Altogether Different: Doug Elkins and Keely Garfield at the Joyce Theater

The Doug Elkins Dance Company was invited back yet again, a testament to his popularity with the dance audience here in New York, though his reputation runs worldwide. He has been well-received in France, Italy, Japan, and Brazil, among others, … Continue reading

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