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Douglas Dunn and Dancers

The Harkness Dance Festival presented Douglas Dunn and Dancers in a programme of two works at the Ailey Citigroup Theater, which is tucked away in the downstairs of the Alvin Ailey dance center. Dunn was certainly a presence in the … Continue reading

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Interview: Benoit-Swan Pouffer

Interview with Benoit-Swan Pouffer

You bring in a lot of European choreographers as guests—it’s a great introduction for people in the U.S. who don’t get a chance to see what’s going on in Europe.
Yes, and they’re not novice choreographers, either—they’re very accomplished. Some of them were even directors, like Stijn Celis who directed Bern Ballet. I think we here in the U.S. should know these people.

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Interview: Herman Cornejo

Interview with Herman Cornejo

Both you and your sister Erica are principal dancers. Tell me about your
early training together.

We always took class together. At Teatro Colon we had a Vaganova school but many of the teachers came here to the U.S. to keep learning—which is good since everything is changing. So our training was a combination of styles, which has helped in interpreting different roles, different ballets, from classical to modern. It’s good to have a mix in one’s training.

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