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Buglisi Dance Theatre: Requiem

Buglisi Dance Theatre
Baryshnikov Arts Center
New York City

In Requiem, Jacqulyn Buglisi is like a painter daubing at various colours on a palette, mixing together just the right combination of mottled, leafy patterns of light, Gabriel Faure’s Requiem, and seven of her women swathed in long dresses. The gowns create a gentle riot of gold and russet…

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New York City Ballet: Jerome Robbins would be 80;
American Ballet Theatre: Tharp’s Rabbit and Rogue disappoints

Choreographer Jerome Robbins would have been 80 years old this year. Overshadowed, perhaps, by his contemporary George Balanchine, one can only imagine what the difference might have been in Robbins’ stature had these two geniuses lived during separate periods in history. Continue reading

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